June 2022 Newsletter- A BIG Thank you for all those involved in the Conference -

June 2022 Newsletter- A BIG Thank you for all those involved in the Conference -

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Note from the director:

We want to thank everyone who was involved with The Most Excellent Way Conference! It was a blessing to have been able to gather in person, but also to have many join us on the live feed. At one point we had over 70 viewers from around the country. The conference sessions are recorded and can be viewed at the links that are attached to this newsletter.

The 2022 conference exceeded expectations from the beginning. Our senior pastor at Salem Heights Church spoke about the “Church” and what must be remembered, to kick off the conference. I have said for years that pastoral support is so needed by those leading TMEW. Pastor Greene, a pastor who fully supports all that TMEW is about, opened the conference with excellence. Pastor Justin taught from 1 Corinthians 6:7-11, entitled “Such Were Some of You…” If you get a chance to watch the recording, you will not be disappointed.

Here was his outline: -

We (the Church) Have Forgotten the Heart… “Don’t you know…”
- We (the Church) Have Forgotten the Freedom… “Such were some of you…”
- We (the Church) Have Forgotten the Process… “But you were washed, you were sanctified…”
- The Most Excellent Way accomplishes two goals.
* Speaks to addicts – “In Christ you are free…”
* Speaks to the Church – “Remember what you have forgotten.”


A huge thank you to Pastor Justin Greene! Again, if you can watch the Friday night session, you will be greatly encouraged

A special thanks to Rick and Vickie McClung who joined us in Oregon from Panama City, Florida, where Pastor Rick leads TMEW. Rick spoke on several needed topics, including: “A Ministry Strategy for Getting TMEW into Jails and Prisons” and “Avoiding Burnout.” Pastor Rick also participated in all our Question-and-Answer sessions, where people in the room and those texting us could ask questions of us all. Many questions were received from around the country, and we were able to answer them all. It was a very special time having the McClungs with us.


A big thank you to Be Bold Street Ministries who spoke about working together with law enforcement, and city, county, and state officials, along with addressing the many different ways we can get the word out regarding TMEW. All who are a part of BBSM come from The Most Excellent Way and are impacting lives every day with the gospel! Josh and Carly Lair and Matt and Anna Maceira all contributed during the conference, and the impact for us listening was inspirational.

My wife Lori spoke regarding a need that every church in America and around world is impacted by: The “Family & Friends” side of TMEW ministers to those who desire to help a family member or friend battling addiction. How do you love and care for them, while also not enabling that person? How do you not give up hope, when that person seems bent on destroying themselves? What does codependency look like? Every church has many who are needing support from “Family & Friends” with regards to those questions and more. They need the same biblical encouragement that our people coming out of addiction need, and we are watching miracles happen weekly in people as God gives them wisdom to engage the addicted loved one. Mark and Kay Metzger also joined us in a testimony about how “Family & Friends” has impacted them as they walk that journey with their adult child. We thank them for speaking to a relatively untapped facet of TMEW, a needed ministry across our nation and around the world.

Brenden Greene and some of our music team led our worship times! We thank them for taking their weekend to be with us all, using their talents and gifting for God’s glory. The worship times were very sweet.

There are so many to thank, and so we thank you all for being a part of The Most Excellent Way International.

Bethany Schultz, who receives and manages your website submissions, is encouraged every day by you all. She did amazing as well, serving with diligence to see the conference come together. If you get a chance to drop her a note, I know she will be greatly encouraged!

All to say, we were blessed to be a part of it with you. If you have not had a chance to view the sessions yet, please do and give us your feedback as we get ready for next year. Our hope is to be in Panama City, Florida, in April of 2023! More to come on that.

If you are looking to begin or restart a TMEW group at your church, we are excited about that, and are committed to help you in any way possible! We also desire to support existing TMEW meetings with whatever you need. Glen and Judy put together numerous resources for us all and we are now adding to those. Please contact us!

We pray for all who are leading TMEW support meetings around the world, and we look forward to hearing from you about the miracles God is doing in and through TMEW where you are. May the Lord bless you all!


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