December 2022 Newsletter - Note from the Director

December 2022 Newsletter - Note from the Director

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We pray that all of you have a wonderful time celebrating our Savior coming to earth. Here is a portion of our last lesson card from Monday night as we taught on “Trust.”


Faith, trust, and hope all form together to empower you to persevere. As you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, that He truly took all your sins on Himself in 33 A.D., once and for all, (1 Peter 3:18) you are saved! Permanently! Jesus came as an innocent baby and lived out an innocent life, so that you could trust His perfect sacrifice to take away all your sins, bearing them on the cross. He became flesh and lived among us, so that you can know that God desires to rescue you. Every day. All day long. He will do it. Do you trust Him? Because as you trust Him with your salvation, you then learn to trust everything He says to you, to live out every day. Therefore, being in His Word is vitally important to your journey, for you cannot trust promises you to have not read or heard. To trust Him completely, you must be in His word to hear His faithful voice to you, for in God’s promises believers trust, because our Lord always keeps His promises.

As we have been trusting in our King, this past year has been a great blessing to us getting to know many who are leading The Most Excellent Way support meetings across our nation and around the world. God is moving! People are being saved and disciples are being made! This Christmas we can celebrate that many are fulfilling our Savior’s command to go and make disciples.

As we look forward to the new year and the years to come, our hope is to meet many more TMEW leaders and to see many more churches catch fire, see souls saved out of addiction, and support those who are helping their loved one.

This April 27, 2023, at Salem Heights Church we will be hosting a one-day workshop. We will be inviting churches from around Oregon and Washington to come and see why we do what we do and how we do it. We did this a year ago in August and God blessed that time. Many churches attended and several began meetings this last year! We have the privilege of training them on Monday nights as they attend our staff meetings and the support meetings to learn. Oregon went from three TMEW groups, to over ten in a year and a half. We have three scheduled to launch in 2023.

Our hope is to help other churches around the nation hold one-day workshops. We will not be having a national conference this year for The Most Excellent Way. With travel prices where they are and with costs rising, our goal is to have workshops around the nation where we can meet up with you as we work together to let Bible believing churches know what TMEW is about. As the workshop is a one-day event, we have found that many will come if we make it a ministry day and not a weekend. If you are leading a TMEW support meeting and are interested in hosting a workshop that will reach out to churches in your area, please let us know as we would love to minister with you to see it happen.

Again, we pray our time celebrating our Savior is amazing!

Merry Christmas!!


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