July Newsletter - Note From the Director - Family and Friends

July Newsletter - Note From the Director - Family and Friends

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We are very thankful for all of you across the nation who are leading and supporting The Most Excellent Way, victory over addiction ministry. Lives are being transformed and God is being glorified in all that is taking place!

When we, here in Oregon, began TMEW, reading through the leader’s manual I noticed the “Family and Friends” part of the ministry. My wife and I read through the brochures Glen and Judy Wright had developed and we believed that as we began TMEW, we needed F&F to be a part of what we do.

It only took a few weeks before we had our first woman come for support with her adult daughter. Ruth came with her daughter, Kim. They had been attending another church in Salem but had come to Salem Heights to support a family member who had lost her husband. When they looked in our bulletin and saw TMEW, they showed up that next Monday.

Kim was addicted to alcohol and Ruth did not know how to support her biblically and in a Spirit-led manner. As the months unfolded with Kim coming and experiencing victory over her drinking, Ruth was very encouraged and realized a lot about herself that needed to change. She was transformed by God’s Word and the F&F materials. Ruth lost seventy pounds over a year of coming to TMEW and F&F, but more importantly, Ruth began to read her bible. Ruth struggled with reading prior to coming to group, so she didn’t read. When she came to group that first week, the staff gave her an Easy-to-Read Bible and she began to work through the pages of scripture for the first time; slowly at first, but she did it! Though saved early in life, God now gave her the ability to read the bible as TMEW motivated her.

As the years unfolded, we were able to support Ruth, Kim and the whole family. Showing up changes everything, and that truly played out within Ruth’s family. Ruth, who is now in her seventies, has been through much these past ten years since first coming to TMEW. Kim went to be with her Savior several years back- her liver was damaged due to her prolonged drinking. The damage could not be undone, and she succumbed to liver disease. Ruth’s husband went to be with our Lord four years ago and Ruth’s son passed away in 2021. Through it all, Ruth has been faithfully in God’s Word, reading her bible every day as she stays very close to Jesus. During the many trials that have come she has not faltered in her faith. Because years earlier Glen and Judy Wright began The Most Excellent Way with Friends and Family support, we were able to meet Ruth and her family with the true path to victorious living. We are blessed to have been a part of Ruth’s journey and to continue to see the fruit of all God is doing in and through her life.

If you are interested in the Family and Friends support meeting as a part of your church or adding it to your TMEW support meeting, please contact us and we will help in any way possible. Within this newsletter we have links to access materials that will help you. We are convinced every bible-believing church needs a TMEW support meeting, but we know not every church will begin one. However, we know with certainty that every church has people that need support as they desire to see their loved one overcome addition. Every family is being impacted by addiction, and everyone needs support. We pray for you all across our nation and around the world. Let’s continue to go and make disciples until our Savior returns!

We pray for all who are leading TMEW support meetings around the world, and we look forward to hearing from you about the miracles God is doing in and through TMEW where you are. May the Lord bless you all! 

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