June Newsletter - Notes from the Director

June Newsletter - Notes from the Director

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The Most Excellent Way is growing in Colorado! Calvary Chapel’s Rocky Mountain Regional Conference at Cherry Creek Calvary Chapel began on June 6th and ran through the 8th. Over 200 pastors, their wives, and many servants came to be a part of it. The Rocky Mountain Conference also had a great representation of TMEW folks there; they were excited about all God is doing in and through the ministry. At Cherry Creek, Pastor Dave Ragan leads TMEW, but Pastor Dave also has a heart to gather those leaders around him to encourage and network. He and his staff had invited me to come and speak about The Most Excellent Way at the conference, and then be available for three days to talk with and enjoy time with ministry leaders from around the country. Now, many church leaders have information about TMEW. One thing that really impacted me from the conference, in regard to TMEW, was Pastor Mike MacIntosh as a speaker. Here’s why. I was up next to speak about TMEW and as I was listening to Pastor Mike, I realized that he pastored the church that I went to for my first TMEW National Conference back in 2015. It was at New Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, CA. Judy Wright had organized the conference; Glen was home due to illness. We had several great speakers at that TMEW conference, with one of those being Pastor Rick McClung from Panama City, FL. It was there that Pastor Rick and I became close brothers in Christ. So, to hear Pastor Mike say that New Horizon was where he pastored, it solidified a direction for my presentation.


As I had been thinking about how to connect with all the pastors and leaders at Cherry Creek, I had in my notes to explain that TMEW has San Diego roots, and that Calvary Chapel was a big part of TMEW’s beginnings. Then here I was listening to Pastor Mike, and it hit me, this man knew Glen and Judy Wright! I had been at his church over 8 years ago! What an answer to prayer for a great connection piece with everyone here! After Pastor Mike finished speaking, I went over to him and waited as he spoke to folks. After a bit, he looked over at me, said hello, and I explained my role within TMEW.


I asked, “Did you know Glen and Judy Wright?” He teared up and said that he did and that he had lost track of how they were doing. I explained that they both are with our Savior and that Judy handed over leading the international aspect of the ministry to us at Salem Heights Church. As I was telling him about all God is doing, he cut me off, knowing the break was almost over and said, “I need to pray for you right now!” He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me in, he prayed for TMEW, for those attending to be receptive to begin “this needed ministry,” and he prayed for TMEW around the world. Then break was over, and I was up next right after the “U-Turn for Christ” ministry shared. I was able to share with all those folks about Pastor Mike and his connection to TMEW. I shared about how a man there at Cherry Creek who had been rescued out of addiction had told me his story - a man named Shawn. He said, “The Most Excellent Way and Pastor Dave met me when I needed Christ the most.” Shawn is now on their TMEW staff. He and his wife are gems! I got to share with all those folks and over 100 different people came to me asking about TMEW those three days.

All of this to say, being a part of the Rocky Mountain Regional Conference was a great blessing and I thank Dave Ragan for the invitation. Please, let’s all pray that many new TMEW Victory Over Addiction ministries will begin this year and next because of all God did there.


Also again, if you would like to do a TMEW workshop to invite other ministries around your state to come and check out, “Why we do what we do and how we do it,” please contact us. It’s exciting to help and see the growth that is happening around our nation and the world.


May the Lord richly bless you all!

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