Note from the Director - April/May Newsletter

Note from the Director - April/May Newsletter

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Jesus is Coming!

Story Of Glory.

We here in Oregon are praying for all of you around our nation and the world who are leading and serving within The Most Excellent Way. The fields are white for harvest throughout the world as our Savior is returning soon. The fields are people and there is no better entry point in discussion with people that God is drawing, than to meet them in their addiction with the gospel or meet them as they are seeking to support an addict they love.

Here’s is a quick “Story Of Glory” for you, and we would love to have you send us any account that will encourage others.

Oregon was dubbed recently one of the most addicted states within the United States. Our state, not surprisingly, has a mental health crisis and again is ranked amongst the worst in our nation for those struggling in that regard. Tragically, Oregon is ranked in the top three states for depression, also with a suicide ranking within the top of our nation. Here’s the thing, TMEW is growing rapidly in Oregon as well. We have gone from 2 meetings here in Salem in 2020, to 12 meetings with several more about to begin throughout the state. The fields are white for harvest! People are looking up as they have looked around and cannot find peace as the world is unraveling. TMEW is growing and our church is growing rapidly. Why? Because sharing the gospel is the answer to this world’s sickness. We have been letting people know what Jesus said would unfold in Matthew chapter 24:1-14; wars, earthquakes, famine, and pestilence are here. Here’s what everyone is seeing as well that is causing them to look up, Jesus said "And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will become cold," and all of what Christ said would happen is providing an opportunity for TMEW to reach into this world’s darkness with the light of the gospel and many are being saved! Both here in Oregon and throughout the world.

Here’s the “Story Of Glory”, just the other day I was taking a Lyft ride and began to talk with the driver about addiction in our state. I told her that I get to help people be set free from addiction. That opened a door immediately. She began to pour out her heart about two of her brothers addicted to narcotics and her mother being an alcoholic. She said she has a 9-year-old, and she is terrified by the darkness in our world. The young lady did not know our Savior. I shared my testimony with her. I shared the gospel with her. Then I told her about what Jesus said in Matthew 24; what it would be like right before His return. I was able to share that Jesus is the answer and that as Oregon is unraveling around her family, He wants to save all of them. She was deeply impacted, and we arrived at my destination. I gave her a TMEW card and then told her that we have a Lyft driver now coming to TMEW that I had shared with 6 months ago on a ride. His whole family is being transformed as He and his wife are now attending. She thanked me, I got out, and now we will give the Spirit of God something to do in her life. Amazingly, Lyft driver Sam did show up soon after a similar discussion 6 months ago. The fields are white for harvest and addiction is a great conversation starter as our whole world is filled with people addicted, mentally ill, and depressed. Jesus is the answer, and the most excellent way is love.

Will you please send us your “Stories Of Glory”. We would love to hear all about what is going on in your city and surrounding area. We are supposed to tell of the great things God has done within the assembly just as described in Psalm 107:31, “Let them give thanks to the Lord for His lovingkindness, And for His wonderful acts to the children of men.”

We pray for you continuously!

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