November 2022 Newsletter - Tales of Thanksgiving

November 2022 Newsletter - Tales of Thanksgiving

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I am so Thankful for TMEW because it has given me a group of people that I now consider family. I love striving to put Jesus in his rightful place and to have accountability in doing so. TMEW has given me hope that God can and will break the stronghold of addiction in our lives. 



I have been blessed to lead a Most Excellent Way Group now for over ten years.  I never cease to be amazed by the life-changing transformation I see in individuals that choose to trust and rely on the Lord and work on improving themselves through MEW.  The Christ-centered foundation of this group makes it successful in getting people clean, but more importantly keeping them clean.  Fellowship, shared testimonies, yellow chips, and observing first-hand what a new creation in Christ looks like is the stuff that keeps me energized in leading the group and coming back each week.  Praise God for MEW! 



I'm thankful for being a part of my church's Awana program for children! Also, for our Lord providing me a lil apartment! And for a "spiritual cleansing" lately which was miraculous!! Hallelujah Amen!! 



Greetings! I am thankful for Most Excellent Way because that is where I found Jesus, sobriety, and love. I was invited to a meeting in 2017 which I now lead. It has opened my heart to help others find their way. We are excited to be opening a recovery house for women in 2023. Jesus truly is the Most Excellent Way! 



I'm so thankful for a group that  "gets it". Not because of anything they've done, but because of what God is doing in them, and me! And with that, I'm also thankful for His word that He uses to transform us!   



I’m thankful for Most Excellent Way because I feel the love of Jesus at every meeting! It’s one of the only places where everyone wants everyone to recover & get free! 



I am thankful for this ministry 



Love all God's children. The most excellent way is through love, thanks for sharing. 



TMEW I want a fellowship with your group, however I am in Pasadena in a low income senior apartment complex. I don’t drive nor do I own a vehicle. 

 I am 78 years old, and I am sober for 5 years now.  My faith in  Jesus Christ is the foundation for me.  

 I long for the like minded people are carried  the message of  Salvation to others who are lost and need TMEW. Organized religion and the churches are failing to reach addicts and alcoholics until they are clean and ready to fit into the secular church. 



I am thankful of MEW because without the teaching and the camaraderie of the brothers I know I would be lost in my walk with God. There is no place I rather be on a Monday night than MEW at Salem Heights.   



For the last 14 years I have been a group leader here at first Baptist Church in Winslow AZ. Today we will be giving thanksgiving boxes to those in need. So, I'm thankful that God has given me the opportunity to this support group to do the things that he wants me to do for him to worship his Kingdom and give him the glory and honor amen. 


I am thankful to TMEW because I see the growth in women each week. When the lightbulb going off that Jesus loves them, wants victory for them, gives them the resources to so, and that those of us in the room do to, is amazing. I’ve seen God’s miracles. I’ve seen hope restored and lives rededicated. I’ve seen chains break and it encourages me every time.  


I am thankful for the Most Excellent Way because every Monday night we get to see Hebrews four live in people. The word God is truly alive and active, and we get to see that every Monday night. 



I am thankful for the children and that we get to share God's word with them. 



I am incredibly thankful for God’s provision and faithfulness.   I am amazed at how He ALWAYS comes through with blessings above and beyond.    



I’m thankful that nothing surprises God. Might surprise us, but we need to rest in Him and have combat faith when times get tough. 



I am thankful for God’s word being living and active meeting each of us right where we are in our time of need. 



I am thankful that we get a front row seat to watch men and women walk in on a Monday night battling all kinds of addiction, and as they surrender their lives to Jesus everything changes. Men and women are getting baptized, they're reconciling marriages, getting their children back, serving in their church and community, but more than that they're finding true peace. To be blessed every week to watch these precious brothers and sisters in Christ surrender everything, and trust so deeply in the grace and love of our Heavenly Father changes their lives but overwhelmingly has changed and continues to change mine.   



Thankful for the heart surgery that happens every Monday night as we get into the word of God together. Also, thankful that as I face the storms of life, I have a faithful God to turn to, who is with me always, who is living IN me, and who is in complete control. No longer do I have to turn to the things of this world that only destroy and disappoint. Thankful for how the Lord uses the Most Excellent Way. 



I am thankful that TMEW is a safe place where I can share my struggles and not worry about being judged.  Also, thankful that I get front row seats to miracles every week. 



I am thankful for the Most excellent way and how it produces the gospel each and every day showing people how to be secure yet humble in Christ Heart and mind transformation not lifestyle modification 



I'm thankful we get into God's word and get to watch it do the work.  There's just something about being around others who get it..... who have run and continue to run to the same Savior who I need and who is actually able to help. 



I’m thankful for the fellowship with so many wonderful people. I’m thankful for the awesome teaching from the Bible every week.   



I’m thankful for a savior who doesn’t give me “just enough” grace, but pours it out on me abundantly! Every single thing and person on my thankful list is because of his grace and restoration of a previously broken life. I don’t deserve any of it, so I will shout His praises through all of it. 


TMEW is so good in so many ways, however I’ll try and sum it up… 

I’m thankful that God uses TMEW meetings as a safe place where we can come together to encourage each other with the truth about who God is and who we are in Him. I’m thankful that we can truly have victory over addiction by believing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is absolutely the solution to everything. Last but not least, I’m so grateful that we get to reflect on God’s Word with each other on a weekly basis with emphasis on the attitudes of victorious living-ultimately giving us instructions on practically applying Biblical principles to everyday life circumstances. 



I’m thankful for TMEW because as a believer that was caught up in addiction (SIN) showed me that I could  complete Victory in Christ.  I’m also thankful it is a safe place no judgment you are able to share what is going on and see others that have or are still struggling with the same sin.    

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