October Newsletter - Note from the Director

October Newsletter - Note from the Director

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A Note From the Director

Pastor Matt MacCollin

TMEW Helping Church

About 15 months ago we did a workshop at Salem Heights Church to help churches in Oregon and Washington see what The Most Excellent Way is about. We now have 5 new TMEW ministries in Oregon as a result of that time. Our heart for The Most Excellent Way International is that every Bible believing church that desires to have an addictions support meeting, in the United States and around the world, would have the opportunity to experience that time of training. To have the opportunity for inquiry to take place we, The Most Excellent Way family, will need to be apart of reaching them on a large scale. Then all of us who can, will work with those churches who desire to begin a TMEW, to be trained and launch. For many of us who have watched the miracles that are happening within TMEW for years, the level of excitement over what God is doing is very high. We hear from many of you about the miracles that are happening within the ministry. The fields are white for harvest, and the harvest is happening! Those trapped in addiction are our mission field and we have the privilege of being a part of The Most Excellent Way together.

Judy Wright, one of the founders of TMEW, called Pastor Rick McClung and myself in March of 2020 to let us know that she had terminal lung cancer. She asked us if we would like to split up the nation with regards to leading East and West for TMEW. Her thought was that each could split responsibilities as we help make sure groups were able to acquire needed materials, but also to further the ministry by helping other churches around the nation and world begin groups. Rick said he was very ready to help in any way needed and expressed desire for TMEW not to split it up but to have it be one headquarters. All of us prayed and we moved forward to bring TMEW International to Salem Heights Church.

Rick’s testimony which is part of this newsletter is very important for many reasons. One, for all of us to know him. We are convinced, that it is important for all of us who are leading within TMEW to eventually know each other’s testimony, because as God has saved each of us, He has placed a calling on our lives to see people saved and to help them grow. Also, we get the opportunity to help a saved person who has fallen into addiction, come back to the Shepherd and Guardian of their soul. Getting them plugged back into a good Bible believing church is huge in their walk of victory. This is what TMEW is all about, the great commission; “Go and make disciples.” Pastor Rick is doing this at Panama City Baptist Church. He is being used in many jails and prisons in Florida as he leads TMEW meetings. When men and women get out, they then can find a TMEW and get plugged into church. He has trained churches in Florida and other states in how to begin the TMEW ministry, checks in on them, and helps them as needed. It’s what we are doing here in Oregon, also. Our hope is that it’s what you are doing in your state. If not, here’s the ask… If you lead a TMEW ministry and feel led in this direction, can you help do this in your state? We need faithful leaders helping other ministries begin TMEW, supporting as needed.

With that we say thank you. To all of you who are leading and serving within TMEW, you are a blessing to myself, my wife Lori, and the whole staff here. One of our goals is to highlight more accounts of God’s work in and through you, so please send us your stories of God’s glory. We desire for all of us to know each other and for all of us to be praying for each other!



We would like to talk with many of you about doing workshops in your area, to invite other solid churches to come see why we do what we do and how we do it. We can come out and help with the workshops, providing materials and support, we would pick up the cost of coming to you. If you are interested in hosting a workshop to reach other churches in your area, please contact us at TMEWOFFICE@gmail.com

May the Lord richly bless you and your family! And the whole TMEW family!

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