September Newsletter - Tales of Triumph - Kaleb's Story

September Newsletter - Tales of Triumph - Kaleb's Story

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Kaleb is on our TMEW staff at Salem Heights Church. He and his wife serve in the ministry, with Leslie serving on the “Family & Friends” side. Leslie helps women who are hurting over their addicted loved one. They both take people to God’s word every week, impacting others with the gospel. No one would ever suspect, upon first meeting them, that their life together was drawn out of total darkness. Here is a very brief, incomplete account of their journey.

Kaleb was raised in a Christian family and experienced a Christian education. He speaks to the fact that he always wanted the world growing up and looked forward to when he was free to do what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it. The darkness of the world did not scare him, it drew him. He would not yield to God in his life because he did not want to miss out on the fun of sin. He began indulging himself before he left his parents’ home, trying every drug he could. In his own words, “heroin was my favorite.” He wanted to do something about that so he could always have it.

Soon Kaleb was involved in crime to fund his addiction. His separation from his family and their church was absolute, as he desired to be “the biggest drug dealer in Salem.” His words. One day he was at the wrong home, at the very wrong time, doing wrong things. He found himself laying on the ground with a soldier who had just come back from serving overseas on top of him. A pistol was pressed against Kaleb’s head and the man was beginning to squeeze the trigger. God stopped him. “For sure it was God.” That statement came from the soldier, as I eventually was able to talk with him about the incident. God stopped him. But surviving that moment did not wake Kaleb up to God’s forbearing love. Kaleb continued down the dark road of addiction, organized crime, and all that life infects and destroys. Soon Kaleb was in the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Years went by and I received a phone call from him. Kaleb asked to meet with me. I was very thankful. He had been released from prison and had fallen back into the ugliness of his old life. He wanted change. He had met a young lady who loved him and wanted a different life for him. Their relationship could not work if Kaleb stayed in his old ways. He knew that, and God used that to draw him. We met up and continued to meet as I took him through God’s Word. He heard what we all proclaim at TMEW week in and week out, but more importantly, Kaleb began getting into God’s Word on his own, seeking His truth. God changed his heart and soon Kaleb placed his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and yielded his life to the Lord.

Kaleb began attending The Most Excellent Way and now is on our staff. He comes alongside our men, pointing them back to the true answer for selfish, self-centered thinking and behaviors. As a new creation Kaleb tells them of a loving Savior who makes His people whole. His wife also has grown immensely over the years as she serves on the “Family & Friends” side weekly. She helps ladies get into God’s Word, helping them not give up hope as they trust God’s promises, while also teaching them to not be co-dependent nor enabling. The two of them have been equipped by God to minister to others.

We are watching miracles happen as faithful people like Kaleb and Leslie show up. You will see more about “Family and Friends” in this newsletter. We thank the Lord for you all and all the ministry that is taking place throughout our nation and around the world. We love serving with you!! We get to see miracles happen, with all Glory to God!!

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